Sunday, 19 June 2011

Megalomania Explained

Why would I start write a constitution on an unread blog ? Except to feed my megalomaniac ego in a safe way, it is also because I have tried for the last few days to find a written document outlining the general needs of everybody and for a clear structure insuring them but with space enough to evolve, otherwise it would fall into the realm of a totalitarian dystopia.

I do not pretend to know more than everybody, I have not received many secretS that outlined me the world as it is. The information I get is accessible and all the informations necessary for emancipation for everybody is everywhere. I had the chance to grow up in a safe environment, materially speaking, and yet I have had enough life experiences to understand the need to share this safety with everybody. It is not fair that I got to live like that and most people did not. It is, I understand, partly that it is socially constructed Christian guilt, but it is as well a drive to think about positive change.

Still, who am I to present my idea for a government in a place freely open to anyone who has access to the Internet ? Well this is the beauty of the Internet. Though it is still an illusion, as it is still victim to privatization. I am no one. That is the point of the Internet. No one is still no one until he is somehow noticed. The world does not work on this egalitarian precept. You meet people, if the people like what you do they will support you in some ways. People having more material advantages can support better and most of the times now will try to take some advantage out of that support. Groups will tend to first support the in-groups individuals at the expenses of another group.

People with good ideas will try to advertise their ideas and their ways to be part of the redistribution of wealth produced. We do not live in a fair society, we are aware of that, and yet knowledge is still without answers. Every little point is discussed in detail to see what compromises can be achieved. The problem is the compromise. The compromise, as I often see it, is letting the bully making the most of it. A compromise can only be achieved through understanding dialogue where no secret is kept and everybody is equal.

It is the part where I am dangerous, as I see that having a partly pan-optimistic society can bring a fair form of control of powers. Pan-optimism is an articulation of control first developed by Jeremy Bentham and then by Foucault. It is the force to abide when we are afraid of being watched. Secrecy is problematic because it so close to privacy. The private domain exists and should be protected. The public domain exists as well and secrecy happens when private interactions happen for power. I do still have problems on this thin line, but I know that any continuous form of powers has to be counter-balanced to insure it does not accumulate repeatedly until a minority rules a majority, as it is happening now.

Of course, I also find that saturation of information can hide the information. That's why the organizing patterns have to be universalized to be then has to have the potential to be particularized to every community and individuals in fairness of their needs and contributions. We can not live without a structure, a system. We have a system now, but unfair and over-complicated. It has to be complicated because it concerns 6 billions individuals. It can though has some simplicity. I understand that we do not have yet a world government but as technology accelerate time and diminish space between individuals, we can contemplate it. This constitution actually accepts any self-sufficient country.

I am thinking that transport should also be a universal equal right. I would consider putting maybe some environmental rules, the problem is that knowledge on the matter is still a bit indistinct. I trust though humanity to make the right choices in this concern. With the advent of the 3D printers, I see really intellectual rights being what will create status. That's why I think that they could never be sold. People should entitled for recognition for what they thought for the world and brought to the world. Of course, people should never be forced to do anything, except participating at inspiring people. We have to encourage each other to do. That's why I think that education should be the first investment we should consider. It is the only way to find a new confidence in humanity.

What if we bring positive recognition to other people and to ourselves. We are all looked up by children and at the same time we can all show different ways to them to look into. If everybody shared their passion, would it not provide a society maybe slightly more at peace?

Which bring me to the point where I do not think that an army should be part of a country. Let's follow there the lead of Costa Rica which has no army. It is I think now unneeded expenses. I do think that who ever want to be a policeman should have some martial art training and should have a motto 'lead by example' and find what ever they can do to help. I do think I should also forbid any weapon production not destined for martial arts.

There are still a few things I have to think about like property. Is the accumulation for example of land something I should forbid in some ways? Probably though I do not know exactly how yet. I also have to think about the currency use and the way currency should be calculated and allocated. I do think that there should be a local currency and a national currency. As such, wealth could be more easily calculated and redistributed. It does also mean forbidding the concept of interest for loans. Interests are amongst the main concept for in-balance in an economic structure.

I do know it is hard to think about the overall problems, but it is not though impossible to leave place for both. It is the way our intelligence has evolved: making rules to find exceptions to make rules out of the exceptions. So I do know that my constitution could never exist eternally and will be replace, if ever implemented, at some point for a better one. I have read different parts of key documents, though most of the times snippets. They do provide essential defenses for principles open to interpretations. They do all hold some limitations and sometimes lists too many exceptions.

It is to have clear understanding of the world. Now, I think that localities should also have sovereignty over their laws. As such, the national government does not extend his power uselessly if it is consider useless. It also provides localities to focus on themselves. If all the localities and the nation was uniform, no change would be possible.
As I write this legitimization to myself, I keep adding things to the constitution. I find myself adding stuff and I know that at some point I will have to stop or delete things. What I would love though is external discussion and contributions to this project. I know that from this lonely blog, this will never come. That is why I do advertise myself. It is the real world though.

I do not know how to add social help and policing in it. I imagine my police not existing but being associate will social care. I do not know how to have a justice system where the goal will be to repair society's error. I want to bring alienation from work the punishment it really is. The one we have to live every day.

I know that it is a dream but I do believe in dreams. It is that or believing in the nightmare. Yes, I am a coward to express my dream in a lonely secure place. I should not see it like that though. This platform is at the moment the only one I have to express myself to the world, it is my free platform. I do want participate in other spheres of discussion, and I do as a passive actor. I do learn slowly to be active though. And offering this first draft is my little contribution of the week.

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