Tuesday, 27 May 2008

French political system

The French political system is doomed to be regionnalist, elitist, technocratic and conservative.

It is simple to see that the french higher education is an elitist one. Students fight each other to be accepted in Grandes Ecoles, they are enslaved, worked till they bleed. They are taught the all the beauty of the french system, its magnificient history, how proud they can be of themselves. "Only the best can achieve it. ( Let s not give doubt on how people mature, everybody is equal in every aspect in the french system)"

Of course, the best prepared students come from cities and well-off families: since they have a standardised bacchalaureat at the end of their scolarity, which gives an illusion of equality, only the good schools prepare the students whose parents payed the fees for a good preparation.

So once in this Grandes Ecoles, the supposed elite of France get to learn a little bit more, and get offered a job in the civil service. Most of them become civil servant, having more or less important job depending on their results. Perfect working machine are ready to serve.

Then come another comic point of the french system: civil servants are pushed to be in politics. During elections, if they present them-selves, they are still paid, they have the security to find their job back if they fail. They have all the advantages possible, and political parties recruit in the civil service.

So i have already shown how elitist-educated and technocrats come to power. I still have to show why they are bound to be regionalist. Politicians in France are allowed to accumulate mandates, and they do. They all start at the bottom, building bastion in town, to then grow in region and then on nationnal level. But if they want to keep they popularity, they have to keep in mind where they come from, and satisfy their voters, and their own power in a region or in a town. Nationnal interrest, and god forbid world interrest, are not that important to a politician, except if it conflicts with its own interrest or the interrest of their voters. They are regionnalist.

So voters are important to satisfy, but it is easy to see politicians are, most of them, populist, just look at Sarkozy. Also, the fact that they are all part of the system before-hand make them able to vote for legislation so technical that they actualy don't change much the system. It is an illusion of satisfaction given to the voters who are willing to see changes. For example, a constitutionnal amendment is proposed, that would allowed citizen to ask the constitutionnal council to see the interpretation of a law,but it would be possible only in a very very specific case, therefor it will never actually happen: Illusion of change - Conservatist values.

So most the politicians are big-headed, with nationnal values, without real perspective, heartless technocrats, with only the wish to keep their power, and great at manipulating people....

Good luck France !

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Sarianna said...

Gorgeous George. I like your stuff. I'm sad for those people who think you're an idle dreamer.