Wednesday, 14 May 2008

No more cars in the city

I know that as a second articles, it's not my most impressive idea, but i think it should be more considered. I want to ban private cars from the city. I don't mind a parking outside the city, letting in the city only the delivery cars, the ambulances, the fire trucks and the public transport. People should go back to walking a lot more, and getting rid of the will to use a mind-corrupting machine like a car for small distances. It would also push governments to augment the capacities and lower the prices of public transport.
I don't like cars, it's true that it is a highly subjective point of view. But when i think of a car, i see a dangerous instrument. I see a symbol that makes men vain. I see a system taking power on our mind. A car is useful, but why should be such a highly valued private property exist likes it exist in our society. Everybody admit it, inside a car, their mind do change. Couples do fight more often in a car. People take credits in banks to get a car that they'll have to replace in ten years time maximum and no one get more profit than they pay for it. I don't know. Our society grew dependent of them, and addictions are not always good. We fight addiction everywhere, except their. Again, i don't want to sound like an easy alternative guy, but only the big powerful countries make profit out of cars. So just like Kyoto, they'll take their time to change to such an idea if they don't see any win. I know, another impossible idea, but i thought it should be put on the table.
I'd love to walk through beautiful capital cities that don't have so many noises, without the smell of carbon, and without being afraid everytime i cross the street. I don't know, i think we'd win more without so many cars in our city. I don't want to tax them more, that would be the easy option: let the rich ride cars.No, let's ban cars, please ?

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