Monday, 19 May 2008

Utopia 1

Tax, sponsorchip and pubs

Equalities of chances is still a major problem in our society. There is no economic or social ladder. For that I do, maybe too easily, blame the consumerist system. Governments try to bring a little bit of fairness in this world. Invest in the education, the health and the culture, some better than others. The work they do is supposed to be visible but that's mainly because our cars look better and planes are bigger. But there is still a little amount of distribution between poor and rich people, the gap is actualy growing. There is a large middle class, where we can make distinction through what they purchase, but the poorer are getting poorer and the rich richer. We are not all born equal, but is fair to wish to be so.

The governement is an institution that feels faraway now, even the local one. We see them everyday one the news papers or watch them on t.v. but we don't feel anything, we are not really thankfull for what they do for us- at worst, we hate them for what they take from us, mainly because we don't see where it goes.

That's why in my dream land, if I was a marxist dictator that would innstall highly corrupted institutions ( it's the only scenario I came up to, also with this one: I am the appointed leader of a planet discovered on a Star Trek episode if you wish), I would install a sponsorship system. It would consist on not taking taxes on the revenue, but making rich family sponsoring poor family. They'd meet everyweek in a social place, the pub seems the most convenient, it is where people from different social grounds meet and try to discuss about everything and nothing. The rich family would have the responsability for the health and the education of the poorer family, or more ff they have a real bond together and want to do more. We'd bind every kind of social background people to recognise the other and accept him.

I guess that at the beginning, before the meeting at the pub, every couple of family would have a supervised session where the complaint or praise would be made. And we'd see if the families really help each other. We'd explain to the rich family shouldn't feel superior and understand their chances and distribute it - and to the poor family to understand they are responsible to repay by doing everything so the rich family can be proud of them and consider each other as equal. I find that perspectives are always a way for evolution.

Of course we'd have to consider the cost of not having less money on the infrastrure of the state, but less money in the army and the war on drugs, taxing the enterprises on their profits. Also, I guess that lots of families maybe will refuse to help, or being helped. It would be a personnal choice that bring lots of conveniences. The rich family will have tax on the revenue, that will be estimated in consideration of not helping an other family, and the poor family could still receive an allowance, but not as high as the one from a rich family. There again, the amount of help given can be a choice.

In the future, I'll talk more about my utopia. A bit far stretched ideas to rebuild a somehow better world. I thought such a dream should somehow be expressed. And of course I hope I'll be able to build a small of activist that I can brainwash so they help to make a coup d'etat and I'll be able to do whatever I want.And I also hope to be captured by aliens.

( by the way, I know my ideas are coming from real numbers, but i like to stay general, so I don't get lost in the details even if they are somehow interesting to go in depth, so if anyone can tell me how certain ideas can be done, economic-wise, mathematically-wise,or if they go against certain principles of law that shouldn't be broken, or are more than approved, please write a message, you have my gratitude if you do so)

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Im watching you george. said...

your right about governments..they do try to make things fairer..parents no longer provide for some families..the government does and in some ways this is very very terms of education especially.i'm not saying kids should be homeschooled but it just seems such an overlooked part of our society that the children of the poor are looked after by the government..through benefits, foster housing, council housing,student loans..all viable and noble donations by the government.the amount we are morally indebted to our government isn't right however.The rich become disconnected with everyone else because they don't feel this reliance on essential part of feeling part of a community.It's a massive paradox government intervention and i dont think i can suggest anything more valid than ur corrupted dictatorship so well done!