Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Infra-structure for my thoughts

Well, I'm not that organized, but i like to have some base for my reasoning. Just like Descartes, but i won't go as far as him, since he did it, no need to go back. What he said is my mind is there, it can question everything. I firmly believe that our mind contains secrets and capacities. And that's why i believe in humanity. I know it is a common faith, but not practised that much.

My faith in the capacities of humanities led me to think about a few changes so we could live in a better world. But this faith toward humanity has often been attacked because it is an idealist believe. People won't believe in these ideas because they don't trust each other. Wise-guys, in history, always profited from the system, and made us suspicious of everyone. People getting money from tax payer without doing anything are a good examples. They are actualy the terrorist of my idealist work. Why do i call them terrorist is because they take in hostage the rest of humanity. Like terrorist, when we see them at work, we want to change the system so it doesn't let them profit from it, even if it is to our lost, like we try to limit our liberties after terrorist intervention. Not trusting humanity is giving power to the people who will disapoint us.

Another question of base in ideas is the old question of ethics. Should i tend for an ethic of consequences or an ethic of conviction. Well i always naturally believed that principles, if they are profundly good, should always overcome an idea that base itself on consequences. Of course having a new principle can have consequences. The order goes like that for me, if a principle is good, it should be followed, no matter the consequences ( there are exceptions for eveything, i'm only talking of theories). Principle should lead our life, they don't have to determine every aspect of our life ( it's impossible, and if we do it, we'd look like a boring utopia), but our moral decisions and political decisions should be based on them.

So an idealist hopes and principles are the base of my ideas. I'll try to be as open-minded as i can on every subject I'll post, and I invite you to reply to my ideas, because dialogues bring evolution to ideas, it is important. I might contreversial sometimes, but that's only because i do believe our world could be so much better, please don't take it as a sign of easy alternative anarchist position. Thank you very much !

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